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Helping to Build Families with Ovum Donation and Surrogacy

At Global Fertility Services (GFS) we provide access to Egg Donation and Surrogacy with an old fashioned approach to building families. We offer an abundance of nurturing, sensitivity and love. Whatever assisted reproductive method you choose, GFS is available to help you through each step of the process, acting as counselors, facilitators—and family.


Egg Donation.

This method is suitable for women who are able to carry a pregnancy to full term yet who are unable to provide the egg necessary for conception. An egg is retrieved from the ovary of a carefully screened donor. It is then fertilized in a Petri dish by sperm from either the partner or a donor. After five to seven days it is implanted in the womb of the mother.

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With this method, a surrogate mother carries the baby to term and gives the baby over to the parents at birth. The egg is usually provided by the mother or by a donor. The eggs are then fertilized by the father or by a sperm donor. At GFS we do our best to manage every aspect of your case from the comprehensive screening of our surrogates to the delivery of your new baby.

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Intended Parents

Our years of experience have taught us that finding the right egg donor or surrogate mother is the key to helping the prospective parents leave the sadness of infertility behind and approach parenthood with joy and happiness. Generally, prospective parents look for women with whom they share similar values and interests.

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